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A leisurely evening of ART, CULTURE, WINE and FRIENDS!
First Friday of Every Month!
Spend a CULTURAL WEEKEND in the Texas Hill Country!


We invite you to spend a CULTURAL WEEKEND in the Texas Hill Country! Offering an up-close view of the Fredericksburg, Texas ART SCENE - Bringing ART and ART LOVERS together.

First Friday Artwalk Fredericksburg is quickly becoming a delightful TRADITION for ART LOVERS! Make your plans for a CULTURAL WEEKEND in the Texas Hill Country! First Friday Artwalk is a wonderful way to spend a leisurely evening of ART, CULTURE, and socializing with FRIENDS!  Participating galleries are open late (until 8:00 pm) for this self-guided tour.  Explore the unique character of each gallery and meet the artists while enjoying a feast of art exhibits and demonstrations, live music, wine from participating local wineries, and inspiration! Celebrate our diverse art community as you stroll through Fredericksburg's historic downtown. There is something for everyone, from the traditional mediums of painting, sculpture, and photography to ceramics, jewelry, contemporary and avant garde mixed media!  Discover art from local Fredericksburg and Texas Hill Country artists, as well as, artists from all over the country and the world!  Experience the Fredericksburg, Texas, ART scene up close and personal - all day long the FIRST FRIDAY of every month!

Aug 24
"Fracking 101" Tours of the Eagle Ford Shale
The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
August 24, 2014
10:00am - 5:00pm
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The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
922 San Pedro Ave  San Antonio, Texas 78212
210-228-0201 | 210-228-0201
"Fracking 101" Tours of the Eagle Ford Shale
Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaerger from Cuero, Texas leads fracking tours leaving at 10 am from Esperanza at 922 San Pedro Ave and returning at 5pm. Please bring lunch and drinks.
Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

For many years, at great cost, I traveled through many countries, saw the high mountains, the oceans. The only things I did not see were the sparkling dewdrops in the grass just outside my door.
- R. Tagore

Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

No matter where I travel in this world, the greatest unexplored territory continues to be my very own mind, heart and spirit. I?m excitedly staking a claim with each new discovery I make along the journey! - LaTonya Tarell

Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Grow the COLORS of the RAINBOW!

Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

ONE Texas Size Mammoth Sunflower will fill your wheelbarrow!

Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Happy YELLOW for end of SUMMER COLOR! Get some at Wildseed Farms!

Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

What would YOU call a Red Sunflower?

Aug 19

Fredericksburg Texas Online

It's SUNFLOWER Season! So, many SUNNY colors to choose from.... who says sunflowers have to be YELLOW? Explore the possibilities at Wildseed Farms!

Aug 18

Fredericksburg Texas Online

It's HARVEST in the Texas Hill Country! Follow the WINE... at William Chris Vineyards

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Aug 18

Fredericksburg Texas Online

What a BEAUTIFUL sight! Wine on the Vine at William Chris Vineyards!

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Aug 12

Fredericksburg Texas Online

The park at the HEART of Fredericksburg, Texas! Marktplatz IS all about COMMUNITY! Join us!

Aug 12

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Someone asked about "Marktplatz"... I apologize for assuming that everyone KNOWS all about Fredericksburg! LOL So, here's what I wrote... I want to share it with you!
Marktplatz is our little park in the middle of town. It divides the "West Main Historic Shopping District" from the "East Main Historic Shopping District" (the magic mile). It is a lovely place to BE! The BEAUTIFUL GARDENS, here just keep blooming from EARLY SPRING, until first frost... and, beyond! Many heirlooms have lived in these gardens since they were first planted many years ago! I LOVE to share this TREASURE with all of you... it IS a GIFT made by many hands! Visit the Vereins Kirche Museum for a little Fredericksburg history, stroll through the gardens, take a picnic... enjoy the MIRACLES of nature in downtown Fredericksburg, Texas! CELEBRATE the BOUNTY of CREATION!

Aug 12

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Sow a LOT of COLOR! Everything you need to make your landscape POP... at Wildseed Farms!

Aug 12

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Marktplatz is BLOOMING AGAIN, AGAIN! Hibiscus, Roses, Lilies, Crepe Myrtle! END of SUMMER COLOR! for the HARVEST SEASON! Celebrate!

Aug 8

Fredericksburg Texas Online

TONIGHT! EXPERIENCE the MUSIC! The Derailers! Pure Honky Tonk at Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse!

The Derailers | The Derailers - Austin, TX - Pure Honky Tonk
The Derailers are proud to use Fender musical instruments and accessories. Please stop by their artist home page at Fender.com to see all of the Fender products and equipment they use to record and perform their music.
Aug 7

Fredericksburg Texas Online

And, they're off! August 9th and 10th quarter horse and thoroughbred pari-mutuel racing at the Gillespie County Fair Grounds! Gates open at 11am. Post Time is 1pm each day and races run until 6pm.

Cover Photos
Aug 7

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Blue Crown Passion Flower... covered with buds and flowers from April to Autumn.
"The delights of the passionfruit would suffice if they were purely gustatory - but add the fragrance of the fruit and the exquisite beauty of the flowers and you have the perfect plant for sentient beings!" - Muriel B Fisch

Aug 7

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Take a step back in time! EXPERIENCE Life in the OLD WEST at Enchanted Springs Ranch! Just a scenic drive away in Historic Boerne, Texas! We LOVE our Texas Hill Country NEIGHBORS! and, YOU WILL TOO!

Timeline Photos
Revel in the adventure of the Old West with our SAVE deal for @[174603618708:274:Enchanted Springs Ranch], and explore more kid-friendly attractions: http://bit.ly/1qVsStw
Aug 7

Fredericksburg Texas Online

WILD THINGS! Found VIGOROUSLY growing from TEXAS to NEW YORK CITY, the passion flower vine (Passiflora incarnata) is a TRUE NATIVE AMERICAN! The Aztecs used Passion Flowers to bring emotional balance, peace and friendship into their lives! Today in Europe it is used to treat nerve disorders, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and anxiety!

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Becker Vineyards

Grape Creek Vineyard

Torre di Pietra Winery and Vineyards

Fine Wine, Fabulous Food... and ART!

 Experience the TEXAS HILL COUNTRY - Provence of TEXAS, an incredible feast, rich in Pleasure, Comfort and INSPIRATION!

Fine Wine, Fabulous Food... and ART! If you are in pursuit of an ARTful Life, may we recommend the following FINE DINING:









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