Absolute Charm Luxury Bed and Breakfast - At Absolute Charm Luxury Bed and Breakfast, we know how difficult it is to choose a Bed and Breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas, when there are so many great choices, but only ONE PERFECT Choice for you1 We strive to make the process easier for our guests and a lot more fun! We represent the finest collection of luxurious B & B's in Fredericksburg, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. Offering properties which feature the very BEST Architecture, Location, Amenities and Charm! Simply the BEST accommodations available!
Grape Creek Vineyard - Wine Tasting
Gästehaus Schmidt Reservation Services - CALL 866-427-8374
Native American Seed - Native American Seed is committed to offering only those plants that are native to our bioregion. You won't find African daisies, bluebonnets that have been grown in China, or even California poppies in any of their mixes. They understand that every ecosystem is a delicate web of relationships that have evolved over centuries. Humans, with all their power of creativity and imagination, must respect the wisdom of those centuries before entering into the processes of nature as active participants. The simple truth is that native seeds belong in your landscape. Once they are established they'll work for you, not the other way around. They are at home here, and they know how to take care of themselves. They need no extra watering once they've established their roots. They are naturally disease and bug resistant. Fertilizing is not required, in fact, natives work to improve the land on which they live. As we come to know more about the interdependence of all life, we understand more and more how important it is to make intelligent choices about how we use the precious resources of nature. The quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe depends on it. You have a choice about what to plant on your land, whether it's an 80 x 100 urban lot, or hundreds of acres in the countryside. You have the power to make a difference! Become native to your place. Choose a path of stewardship and a lifetime of wonder and enjoyment.
Hondo's On Main _ the girls
Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival - Join us in Fredericksburg, Texas to CELEBRATE everything Lavender at the 17th Annual Becker Vineyards Lavender Festival. Sniff, Swirl and Sip award-winning Becker Vineyards wine, enjoy live music, guest artisans, vendors, speakers, lavender culinary creations and, of course the beautiful lavender fields in bloom. Shop for lavender products and plants, take in a cooking with lavender demo, wine tastings and tours. Make your reservations early for the very popular vintner luncheons.  The Lavender Fields at Becker Vineyards are occupy 3 estate acres just off the winery Verandah. The blooming season for the lavender is typically April through May, but this can vary at the discretion of the notorious Texas weather. The lavender fields can be viewed year round, and guests are encouraged to experience LAVENDER, up close and personal, on a relaxing stroll through the silvery fields The plants grown in these estate fields provide the core extract for all the Becker Vineyards Lavender products.
Chocolat - When visiting Fredericksburg, Texas, be sure to come by our Chocolat Shoppe in the West Main Street Historic Shopping District. Open the door to the intoxicating aroma of chocolate. Your eyes will be amazed at the colors and shapes... truffles, colettes, creams, silk fudges, nut clusters, barks and caramels. ready to satisfy your sweet tooth! Stop by and sample our delicious treats and see how our Liqueur Pralines are made. Hours, Monday - Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm | Sunday, noon to 4:00pm
Mark Harman, Licensed Realtor ® Anders Realty - (Johnson City and Fredericksburg, Texas in the heart of the Hill Country). Specializing in Texas Hill Country Ranch, River and Recreational Property! Whether you’re dreaming about relocating to the beautiful Texas Hill Country, you want to make an investment in the Wide Open Spaces of the Lonestar State, or you're searching for the perfect retirement property, you need an agent who will listen and deliver EXACTLY what you want! I AM Passionate about Texas and the GREAT OUTDOORS! I take pride in connecting the Texas Hill Country's most exceptional properties with buyers who truly value them! My absolute priority as your agent, is gaining your TRUST! I am dedicated to representing you with integrity, authenticity, fairness and discretion. I offer personalized service with an emphasis on good ole' southern hospitality. Because every decision we make affects the future of our family and the future of the land, I strongly advocate for land stewardship, and sustainability. Conserving, protecting and enhancing ranch and farmland, as well as, wildlife habitat through a strong conservation ethic and prudent sustainable land use insures a place in our great state for future generations of Texans. I look forward to showing you around Fredericksburg, the most wonderful SMALL town in Texas, as you embark on an amazing new adventure.... Ranch Ownership!
Wine Road 290 - February 21, 2015
Plan to STAY awhile! Follow US Hwy 290 and get a TASTE of Texas Wine Country! Wine Road 290 Presents Ragin Cajun Wine and Food Pairing Trail! Booyah! Mardi Gras! Texas Winery Style!
Wine Road 290

Willow City Loop

Forget about "Chicken Soup for Your Soul"! How about some Willow City Loop for Your Soul! 

The TEXAS Bluebonnet is the "Official Flower of the Lone Star State"! When the Hill Country in and around Fredericksburg, Texas, is blessed with abundant, soaking rains in the Autumn and Winter months, the WILDFLOWERS come out in force for a #1 TEXAS ROADSIDE ATTRACTION!

Just outside of Fredericksburg heading toward Llano, Texas, the terrain changes from pastoral, gently rolling hills to a dramatic, rugged landscape of deep canyons, sky reaching jagged cliffs, meandering streams and phenomenal panoramic views. All year round you'll be amazed by this spectacular countryside, BUT during a good Wildflower Season (March - May), you'll discover "take-your-breath-away" inspirational natural beauty. A favorite location for a slow, lingering country drive is the "famous" Willow City Loop! This is THE iconic Texas Hill Country scenic drive! The narrow two-lane Ranch Road winds for 13 miles through some of the oldest and most unique geology in central Texas. Deep Canyons carved by Coal Creek are picturesque and the meadows at the bottom offer up splashes of blue, yellow, orange, and white depending on the seaon and which wildflowers are blooming down below. The views from the highest hill tops are absolutely stunning. During a good spring wildflower season the hills and low lying creek bottoms are ablaze with the colors of a multitude of wildflower varieties... Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrush, Phlox, Coreopsis, Mexican Poppies, Sunflowers, Firewheels, yellow and white Daisies, Winecups, Horsemint, and Verbena! Mesquite, pecan, and live oak trees thrive, and there is an abundance of wildlife... the most beautiful Texas Hill Country you will ever experience!

NOTE! The Willow City Loop IS an absolutely BEAUTIFUL drive! Word of this amazingly diverse and gorgeous landscape has spread, and the "Loop" has become very popular with visitors. Although, I personally have not driven the Loop on the weekends, several visitors to this site have complained that the weekends are just absolutely awful... "bumper to bumper traffic" cancels out picture perfect! So, just be aware and, if possible, plan to drive the "Loop" on a weekday when there is less traffic! I am including a few alternate drives that aren't so crowded for weekend Wildflower viewing!

Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take
By the Moments that take our breath away!

Scenic Drive - The Willow City Loop near Fredericksburg, Texas!

Take 16N (Llano Street) out of Fredericksburg. Proceed 13.3 miles, turn right on RR1323 - continue 2.79 miles to Willow City, turn left onto Willow City Loop. This is a PRIVATE ranch road that winds for 13 miles through rugged, awe inspiring Texas Hill Country and reconnects with 16. Turn right back to Fredericksburg.

Although Willow City Loop is maintained by the county, ALL land along the Loop is privately owned. Please, be respectful of landowners along the Loop and do not block their driveways, or drive, walk or sit in their meadows or on the WILDFLOWERS, as this can damage, even kill the plants.

4 scenic drives that will "take your breath away"

Below are four of my very favorite Scenic Drives around Fredericksburg, Texas! They are all BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy!

1. Take 965 (Milam Street) out of Fredericksburg, just past Enchanted Rock. 965 connects with 16. Take a left to Llano. Just before 71 turn left on 2323 and follow it back to 87. Take a left back to Fredericksburg.

2. Take 87 from Fredericksburg to Mason swing around the courthouse square and return to Fredericksburg! This is a beautiful drive... some of the BEST wildflowers anywhere!

3. Take 87 from Fredericksburg toward Mason, turn right on 152. In Castell veer right and follow 152 along the river back to !6. Turn right back to Fredericksburg.

4. Take 87 to 648 (Hilltop Cafe is on the corner), turn left and continue into Doss, Texas. In Doss take a right on to 783 and continue to 87 take a right back to Fredericksburg.

Apr 27

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Take a Hill Country Backroad to TEXAS TREASURE!

Apr 26

Fredericksburg Texas Online

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto!

Apr 26

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Making FireWheel Honey! in the Texas Hill Country!

Apr 26

Fredericksburg Texas Online

It was WINDY TODAY! The flowers were dancing around on the breeze and it was almost impossible to get a good photo of them... but I want you ALL to see the "Indian Blanket" blazing on the hillsides between Fredericksburg, Tx and Llano! DIVINE!

Apr 26

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Step Inside "Artisans - A Texas Gallery", and take a Hill Country View home with you... to remind you of your "Journey"!

Timeline Photos
"Fragrant Journey," 18" x 24" , oil on canvas, by Becky Rogers with @[1356918514:2048:Becky Clair Rogers] ? at Artisans - A Texas Gallery.
Apr 26

Fredericksburg Texas Online

Sunday morning QUESTION: Why do you think this beauty was named... "Beardtongue"?

Apr 26

Fredericksburg Texas Online

A BEAUTIFUL and DELICATE Wildflower... why was it named "Beardtongue"? (Also, Penstemon or Bellflower) But... Beardtongue? REALLY?

Apr 25

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Wine and Wildflowers at Torre Di Pietra Vineyards! AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL, NOW!

Wildflowers and Music
Icelandic Poppy with a Raindrop at Torre 2015 003
Poppies, Indian Paintbrushes, and Music where else but Torre di Pietra... Great Music on Saturday with Houstom Marchman 1-5pm. Winston, the wine dog and i will be giving free tours of the vineyard and winery 12 noon, 1:30pm, & 3:00pm be sure to sign up at the register. See you tomorrow!! Ken Maxwell owner & winemaker.
Apr 25

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Your BABY deserves soft, organic cotton next to her sensitive skin! Find everything you need for your ORGANICALLY GROWN BABY at Fredericksburg Natural Baby!

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Finn+Emma feather collection is restocked! Additional feather rompers are coming soon! This adorable organic cotton collection is sure to make your little girl stand out this summer#finnandemma #organicbabyclothes #fbgnaturalbaby
Apr 25

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A Texas Monthly "Must Attend Event"! The Hill Country Film Festival! BRAVO!

Six Must-Attend Events: April 24-May 1
The state?s top offerings, from the king of barbecue in Austin to the kings and queens of opera in Fort Worth.
Apr 25

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May 2 - 3, 2015... CELEBRATE ALL THINGS LAVENDER at the 17th Annual Becker Vineyards Lavender Fest! It smells so DELICIOUS!

Apr 25

Fredericksburg Texas Online

If a problem can be solved, there is nothing to worry about. If it can't be solved, well... you can always buy chocolate. - Pablo Valle

Profile Pictures
Apr 25

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What an intricate thing of BEAUTY! Red Columbine... it's a NATIVE TEXAN!

Apr 24

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AMAZING shot by Allan K Sanders! Beautiful detail of a bee dining on corn poppy nectar at Wildseed Farms! Poppy HONEY! Yummy!

Photos of Fredericksburg Texas Online
Wild Seed Farm, Fredericksburg TX.
Apr 24

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May 2, 2015, 3rd Kentucky Derby Party at Vaudeville! Classic Comfort Cookin' by Chef Jordan Muraglia, Muraglia Mint Julep Station, Bottomless Mimosas and Music! What better way to WELCOME MAY... in Fredericksburg, Texas!

Kentucky Derby Party at Vaudeville - 3rd Annual
Bigger and better then ever! Get your ticket now! Saturday, May 2nd Starts at 2pm - Race at 5pm Classic Comfort Cookin' by Chef Jordan Muraglia Mint Julep Station and Bottomless Mimosas Musical Entertainment $95 / person Dietary Restriction options are available Wine, Beer and Beverages a la carte.?
Apr 24

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Antonelli's Cheese Shop IS DIVINE! Now you can get their exceptional artisanal cheeses and charcuterie at Compass Rose Cellars in downtown Hye, Texas! Thanks cheesemongers for bringing the World's BEST CHEESE to TEXAS!

Mobile Uploads
We have teamed up Antonelli's cheese shop to source our meats and cheeses, we serve in the tasting room. More great things to come from Compass Rose! ? at Antonelli's Cheese Shop.
Apr 24

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If you want to boot scoot ACROSS A TEXAS HISTORIC DANCEHALL, it just doesn't get any BETTER thank this! Gary P. Nunn and the Almost Patsy Cline Band at Luckenbach Texas! Now that's TEXAS!

Gary P. Nunn + Almost Patsy Cline Band Country Music Fredericksburg @ Luckenbach Texas - April...
Apr 24

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LOOK! An heirloom Black Iris! History on the stem! I've heard about them, but I've never seen one... until now! Blooming in Fredericksburg, Texas!

The "Best Texas Wines of 2014"
Jessica Dupuy, Texas Monthly

A list of the best Texas wines released this year, including the top reds, whites, and rosés you should be tasting right now.
Jessica's recommendations include, Texas Hill Country Favorites:
Brennan Vineyards
(“W” Winemaker’s Choice, NV, Located in 4.0 Cellars),
Duchman Family Winery
(Nero D’Avola, 2010),
Fall Creek Vineyards and Winery (GSM, 2012),
Mcpherson Cellars
(Les Copains Red, 2012),
Messina Hof Hill Country
(GSM, Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre),
Perissos Vineyard and Winery (Petite Sirah, 2012),
Pedernales Cellars
(Texas Tempranillo, 2012), Spicewood Vineyards
(Estate Tempranillo, 2012)

William Chris Vineyards

(Syrah, 2013)

10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2014
Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Wine Enthusiast named the Texas Hill Country, USA, NUMBER THREE on their list of the "10 Best Wine Travel Destinations 2014"!
"It’s still a sea of cowboy hats and pickup trucks, a place where you can sip award-winning wines in a landscape dotted with as many cacti as vines. Visitors may flock to Hill Country to sip wine, but they end up drinking in the romance of the Old West, too. - Alexis Korman
Read More > >

Top 5 Texas Tempranillos
Jessica Dupuy, Texas Monthly

Drink one (or all five, though maybe not on the same day) to celebrate International Tempranillo Day.
Alamosa Wine Cellars El Guapo Tempranillo 2011
Spicewood Vineyards Estate
Tempranillo 2012
Ground Up Tempranillo 2012
Pedernales Cellars Reserve
Tempranillo 2012
Pedernales Cellars Texas
Tempranillo 2012

"Cowboy Bourbon" by Garrison Brothers Distillery
"American Micro Whiskey of the Year!"

Make us TEXAS PROUD Garrison Brothers Distillery! In the 2014 Edition of Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible, the world's leading whiskey guide,"Cowboy Bourbon" from Garrison Brothers was named
"The American Micro Whiskey
of the year!"

Texas Top 40 Travel Destinations
Texas Highways Magazine

The Texas Highways readers' choice Texas Top 40 countdown! Last fall, Texas Highways readers were asked
to share their favorite places in the state for the "Texas Top-40 Travel Destinations”.
San Antonio came in #1,
The Texas Hill Country #5, and Fredericksburg #7!

Fredericksburg, Tx

Bringing Art and Art Lovers together!
Enjoy fine wine from local wineries and the Fredericksburg ART scene!
Find out more >

Texas Hill Country
By John Graves and Wyman Meinzer

Two of Texas' most respected artists join their talents to create an unsurpassed portrait of the Texas Hill Country. "Together, John Graves and Wyman Meinzer once again demonstrate that they  are the foremost artists of the Texas landscape. The portrait they create in images and words is as close as you can come to the heart of the Hill Country without being there." www.utexas.edu

Sherman's Travel
5 Eco Friendly Wineries

Pedernales Cellars, Texas Composting, recycling, and natural pest management is just the starting point for Pedernales Cellars. By building underground, this Texas Hill Country winery takes advantage of the area’s natural limestone to provide a cool and steady environment for case storage, slashing the facility’s energy consumption in half. Removal of invasive plant species and cedar overgrowth from the property has also led to the reemergence of previously lost seeps and springs. An added bonus? The tasting room features local and sustainable products like Bella Vista Ranch’s olive oils and t-shirts made from renewable bamboo fibers.
- April 22, 2013 by Teresa Bitler
Read about other Eco-Friendly
Wineries at blog.shermanstravel.com

Hill Country Bicycle Works

You can rent a bike at Hill Country Bicycle Works! Their rental fleets feature road and fitness hybrid bikes. It is recommended that you reserve your rental bike in advance, especially during holidays and weekends. They also have maps and recommendations for rides in and around Fredericksburg, Texas, and the surrounding Texas Hill Country! Located at 702 East Main. Closed Sundays and Wednesdays! 830-990-2609