Discover LOCAL Texas Territory and Texas Hill Country Terroir! Agritourism has spread from the wine growing regions in Italy, Spain and California to Texas and beyond. Pick fruits and vegetables, ride horses, taste honey, stomp grapes, learn about wine making in the vineyard, harvest field fresh lavender, discover Treasure in Farm Stand shops… and markets, local and regional produce, hand-crafted gifts, baked goods… peach pies and PEACH ICE CREAM!

Agri-tourism is quickly becoming a large part of the TEXAS TOURISM industry as people become more aware of the importance of eating FRESH, LOCAL, WHOLE foods! Here in Fredericksburg, Texas, and the surrounding Hill Country, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to TASTE FARM FRESH! Explore our growing wine industry, from vine to wine! Bite into a sun ripened peach or plum, or a warm, homemade apple Turn-over at Love Creek Orchards in Medina. Pick-Your-Own Peaches, Strawberries, and Blackberries at Marburger Orchard in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas, just a few minutes from Fredericksburg. Sample farm fresh cheese, home baked breads, local Wine and seasonal produce at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market! Bring a friend and share the delicious bounty… an oven fired pizza with “farm to pizza toppings” selected from the market venders, a loaf of crusty artisan bread, farm fresh tomatoes and basil, CKC Feta, a juicey, sweet peach and a bottle of Texas Wine! Enjoy the music, and the Marktplatz gardens! Bon Apetit! Get FRESH!


Farmer’s Markets

Find locally-grown, seasonal (and delicious) farm-fresh food. You’ll find blackberries, peaches, bunches of fresh herbs, lavender, radishes, broccoli, tomatoes and other veggies…plus farmstead cheeses, pasture-raised meats and poultry, eggs, honey, jams, bread and flower bouquets. Support local farms all year ’round!



Fredericksburg Texas Wine

The Fredericksburg, Texas Hill Country is one of the nation’s fastest growing wine destinations. Boasting 24 wineries along the Texas Wine Trail, this area is a must-see for its unparalleled wine diversity. Make your destination the “Wine Country of Texas” located deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country! Award-winning wines and world-class winery destinations!