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CKC Farms

CKC Farms

Farm Fresh Goat Cheese. Welcome to CKC Farms where you always get the best goat cheeses in the Hill Country! We are a Grade ‘A’ goat dairy in Blanco, TX that specializes in making artisanal goat cheeses from the milk of our pampered dairy goats. We believe that great tasting cheese comes from happy goats, which is why our goats are mainly grass fed with addition to their choice of fresh hay and sweetened grain. Our cheeses are made and packaged by hand on the farm which makes every single wheel and spread deliciously unique. Making cheese by hand preserves an age old tradition of preserving and ultimately enhancing a glorious substance: milk. Enjoy our products and be transported to the beautiful Texas Hill Country with every bite.


17505 FM 32 - Blanco, Texas