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FTC Freddyburg Youth Theater


FTC Freddyburg Youth Theater

FTC Freddyburg Youth TheaterART makes kids SMART! The Fredericksburg Theater Company’s Youth Theater Education Program consists of 2 semesters during the school year and a summer camp. During regular semesters, the program is divided into 3 age groups as follows: Imagineers: Our acting troupe for grades 3 – 5, geared toward children and designed to help them discover their stage voice, confidence in front of others, and the self-assurance they will use throughout their lives. Visit the Fredericksburg Theater Company’s website for class schedules. Dramatic Addicts: Our acting troupe for grades 6 – 8. Targeting the pre-teen age group this program concentrates on the “a community on stage” theme. Students learn how to rely on and trust others by achieving personal and social acceptance. Teen Troupe: Our acting troupe for grades 9 – 12. This program is designed to build self-esteem and provide the knowledge needed for success in high school and college theater classes.