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Businesses Offering Special Services

The following businesses are going above and beyond by offering additional services like grocery orders and family style meals to help meet consumer demands:

Do you know of a business that belongs on this list? Text info to: 830.998.8766

Kelani Yogurt

  • Offering extensive online grocery menu with curbside pickup options. View & order from Fredericksburg grocery menu here. View & order from Boerne grocery ordering menu here.

Fresh Pickens

  • Fresh Pickens is offering fresh & local produce/groceries as well as a full menu of pre-made items. Curbside pick-up recommended and available! Call ahead for options. 830.765.0468

Twisted Sister’s Bake Shop

  • Twisted Sister’s is not only open offering fresh baked goods, but they are also accepting orders for baking staples such as flour, eggs, and dairy. Call ahead to check availability. 830.990.7999

Rathskeller Restaurant 

  • Rathskeller is a classic Fredericksburg restaurant that is currently taking orders for grocery staples like eggs, dairy, milk, and bread. They also are offering family style meal options like King Ranch Casserole, cheese or chicken enchiladas, meat loaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. Call ahead to order. Curbside delivery! 830.990.5858

James Brothers on Main

  • James Brothers on Main has adopted the new State of Texas restaurant policy.
    With our new Market Style approach, we are offering homemade chef prepared family style meals (to-go) only including fresh made pasta and baked sandwich loaves of bread. 830.383.1200

Emma & Ollie

  • Emma & Ollie is offering Casseroles to go such as: Chicken Pot Pie, Lasagna, Vegetable lasagna, Enchiladas verdes. Next order day: Tuesday, March 31st. Many grab & go pastries/bread available as well as daily menu options. Check social media for updates. Call ahead to order. 830.383.1013

Woerner Warehouse

  • Woerner Warehouse is offering family style lasagna dinners for curbside or delivery. Check social media for updates. Call to order: 830.997.2246

Hye Rum

  • Hye Rum is currently making hand soap and hand sanitizer by the gallon for high priority businesses like police departments and hospitals. To help support the cause donate here or call 830.265.5644 to inquire.