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Designer Spotlight: Christina Atkinson of HOME Simple Goods + Design

Christina Atkinson of HOME Simple Goods + Design

After a recent mega successful staging/design experience with Hill Country native Christina Atkinson, co-founder and lead designer at HOME Simple Goods + Designs, we were left wanting know what made this wildly successful and creative woman tick. We had the opportunity to sit down with Christina and get insight on her past, inspirations, and the value that staging can bring to home design and homes for sale….


C H R I S T I N A   I N  H E R  O W N  W O R D S :


“My parents often worked on luxury Texas ranches and the owner’s homes were always so beautiful, so some of my first memories were spending time in these gorgeous homes with beautifully designed interiors. My mom was very good at putting our homes together on a budget, she definitely was instrumental in nurturing that side of me. In my teens, she would bring me to Fredericksburg and we’d spend hours looking at the beautiful shops on Main like Homestead and Room No. 5 which further fueled my passion for design. I knew one day I wanted a furniture shop.”


“After living in Wyoming for 8 years, I knew it was time to come home and be with family again. My mom had moved to Fredericksburg several years ago so I knew that’s where I wanted to be and knew I wanted to open a store here and offer my design services.

My first “real” client was someone who came into my store in Wyoming and wanted me to help with his house. I kept putting him off because it wasn’t really something I did at the time, I was busy running a store. He wouldn’t leave me alone and got pretty annoying, so finally I decided to go over and give him some ideas. We ended up discussing a furniture plan and changing some floors- and by the end of it we had gutted the whole house and changed everything. He also became my best friend. He flew me to Dallas to decorate his family’s home there, my husband and I vacationed at his Hawaii home earlier this year with he and his wife, and I am decorating that for him and he also introduced me to my current business partner, I decorated her lodge in Jackson Hole and homes in Dallas. The doors that friendship opened were life changing.”


“I love clean forms on a chair or coffee table but I also love the coziness of a down sofa. I find that to create the most well balanced interiors, it’s important to incorporate furniture from many styles. It feels collected rather than showroom. I love old with new and rustic with refined.”


“It works because it’s clean. I don’t like clutter or too many accessories etc. a magic happens when you declutter a room.”


“I think I would agree that not everyone can stage a home. For me staging is easy, because it’s only me and the house involved. I walk in and imagine a lifestyle, and I don’t have to ask anyone any questions. I love having the freedom to just go for it.”


“I love the relaxed style of California coastal homes and the sophistication of New York prewar apartments. California has this earthy simplicity, organic materials and calming palettes that really speak to me. In New York, there’s so much built in charm in those old buildings, the marble fireplaces, herringbone oak floors and plaster walls.”


“I feel like when people walk into a staged home, and especially a home that otherwise might not show well because of dated finishes or odd spaces, they have an opportunity to see past those quirks and envision the spaces in a new light. For newer homes that are otherwise already gorgeous, it just sets the scene for the ideal lifestyle there and makes an empty home feel warm and inviting, so they can instantly see themselves there.”


“I’d have to say late market staging is better than no staging, but ideally we would stage it before it goes live for the best chance and a quick sell.”


“I am asked to stage all kinds of homes from small starter and spec homes to larger luxury homes. The only difference between the two, for me, is the quantity of furniture, I never sacrifice the quality. On average, I place $35,000 to $85,000 worth of furniture in a home. The rental rate for those homes is a set fee ranging from $750/mo to $1250/mo plus the cost of set up and removal.

I treat every home I stage like a design job, I want to walk away feeling like I designed a space for an imaginary buyer vs just furnishing a space. The final attention to detail makes all the difference.”


“I think people should expect and prepare to be ready to make changes and trust the process. I think the biggest misconception is that design isn’t attainable for everyone. I work with all budgets. The best way to reach me is to call me, all of my clients have my cell number so they can call or text me anytime, I’ll answer 307-690-3127.”


T H E  B O T T O M  L I N E

Is home staging worth the cost? We would say with confidence the answer to that question is a resounding “YES”. Take 713 Shumard for example, this beautifully immaculate new-build home sat on the market for 103 days. Enter Christina and all her home design staging expertise. 

Christina came in, staged the home beautifully, and within FOUR DAYS post-staging 713 Shumard was under contract. Coincidence? Perhaps. Or maybe, just maybe, a little staging magic can go a long way in the minds of buyers. – Absolute Charm Real Estate Group 


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