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Guest Blog: The Perfect Saturday in Fredericksburg


What’s the perfect Saturday in Fredericksburg? 

That’s a question I’m often asked. I’m Booker & Butler, a private concierge and my company plants customized Wine Country getaways for clients visiting the Texas Hill Country, as well as Napa and Sonoma, California.

It’s no secret that Fredericksburg is chock full of places to shop, eat, drink, hike, enjoy live music, and take in some history. In 2018, the Travel Channel named it one of “10 Great Small Towns for Big Vacations.” That same year it drew over 55,000 visitors.

With that much traffic, it’s best to plan your getaway in advance for most months of the year. Even January and August, months that are historically slower in terms of visitors, recently beat all previous years. 

That’s where Booker & Butler comes in. With so many options of things to do and places to go, we help you cull it down and figure out how to make the most of your time. We do the legwork for you, so all you have to do is show up, follow your itinerary and have a good time.  

If you’re considering coming with your family or group of friends and want a place where you can all be together, we can find you that home, even bring in a private chef to cater dinner. 

Naturally, you’ll want to go wine tasting. After all, there are 100 wineries here, 50 in & around Fredericksburg alone. We can make the most of your time, helping you choose the ones that best fit your palate, your schedule, even your four-legged friends. You only want to taste 100% made & produced Texas wine? No problem. You want the best views? Easy. Food pairings? Done. We put it all together so you don’t waste your time driving hither and yonder. It doesn’t matter what your beverage of choice is – beer, whiskey, wine – we make it happen. 

As of today in our Covid era, restaurants, shops, wineries, and other tourist attractions and activities are re-opening but things are far from what they were before the pandemic. There are all kinds of rules for social distancing and every winery, store, park and restaurant is responding to them in their own way, depending on how their space is configured. To accommodate the new rules, businesses will be operating at reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. They will only be able to accept so many visitors; most requiring reservations and some only hosting wine club members during the busier weekend days. This state of flux means each establishment’s hours and offerings are subject to change, making what used to be a carefree outing harder to plan. That’s where Booker & Butler comes in.

Whatever you want, we will make happen, even with all the Covid-related challenges.

Back to that perfect day in Fredericksburg. The fact is, everyone has their own idea of what’s best. That’s why we put so much effort into surveying our clients, teasing out their personal preferences and group needs. We help them strike just the right balance. But if you ask me what my perfect day is, it would go something like this . . .

Enchanted Rock at Twilight. Photo by Jake S. Fagan.

Wake up early and hike Enchanted Rock at my scheduled reservation time, followed by a full-on breakfast at the Rathskeller – hey, I earned it. It’s located in the basement of the historic 1800’s Keidel Hospital, which is super cool.

Rathskeller Restaurant

Then, with a full belly, it’s time to hit the 290 Wine Road. I like to start with some bubbly so my first stop would be the stunning new Heath Sparkling Wine.

Heath Sparkling Wine

After that I’d head next door to their sister property, Grape Creek Vineyards.

Grape Creek Vineyards

Many award winning wines to be had there, enough to work up my appetite. So I grab a bite at their on-site café, Stout’s Trattoria.

Stouts Trattoria

To cap off a day of tasting, my last stop on this day would be the new Augusta Vin, an estate winery just south of town focusing solely on wines 100% grown and produced in Texas.  

Augusta Vin Winery

I’m always game for shopping, and I could use a new cute mask for my weekend outing. Musts on my hit list are Blackchalk Home + Laundry (yes it really used to be a Laundromat) and Haberdashery, two sister stores, they never disappoint.

Blackchalk Home + Laundry

Haberdashery Boutique

Same goes for Vaudeville with its exquisitely curated collection of home goods. It’s simply the most stylish place. There’s even a gourmet to-go shop and bistro in the basement. Dinner is served on weekends only so plan accordingly as it gets booked up fast. Speaking of dinner, no place is more lauded than Cabernet Grill, in the historic Cotton Gin Village. There’s a reason why it is consistently one of the most booked spots on Open Table. 


At this point I’d be about done for the night. But I rally for one last stop for some live music at Hondo’s on Main Street before they close with earlier hours these days. It’s run by the children of Hondo Crouch who bought the town of Luckenbach in the 70’s and carries on his tradition of all things Texas Fun. Now that is a full day!